aboutI had offers to sing with bands and to record back in the early years, but the time was not right, I guess.  One of the reasons is that I was not writing my own songs, and singing other folks’ songs did not do it for me.

Around 2000 I took a hiatus from most things creative and that lasted for almost 10 years.  Fast forward to 2009 and I am in the kitchen of my new father-in-law’s house and he is asking me if I would sing at their 60th wedding anniversary party.  Without hesitation I told him I would.

I remarried in 2007, and my new husband, Mark, had only heard me sing around the house.  I will always remember his reaction when he heard me perform for the first time, and his support and encouragement is the reason that I began to sing again on a regular basis.

For me, life is always an adventure, but it is sometimes not easy.  I have found that writing songs has helped me to weather life’s storms in a way that not only brings me happiness, but much to my delight, can bring happiness to others as well.  My songs’ lyrics reflect my observations of life and love.

Writing and singing my own songs has changed everything!  The satisfaction I feel when I perform a song from my heart is hard to describe… a song must be heard, and felt.   It was while I was recording Blue Muse that I realized that I had become serious about making music.  Spreadin’ the Love is serious fun!

I am grateful for the wonderful people who have graced my life…from my husband and children to all of the brilliant artists and industry pros that I now call friends.

I am currently working on a new EP with Don Chapman of DC Productions in Halifax. I hope to have the new music ready for release within the next month.

Also, my friend, director and musician Shawn Henry, stellar guitarist Mark Fisher and I are working on a video for one of my newest songs, Castles In The Air.  We will be recording the music at 2Dogs Productions here in Fredericton.

I am grateful for your visit… and for checking out the songs from my debut EP, Blue Muse…Stay tuned for the new stuff!!